The second amendment declares that anyone who is a citizen of the United States has the right to bear arms. But to what extent does that go, until it puts innocent lives in danger?

Because it already has.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been 58 unintentional shootings by children alone, leading to 37 injuries and 22 deaths. Last year there were at least 353 unintentional shootings, by children, resulting in 212 injuries and 156 deaths.

That is all just what is unintentional, there have been over 100 mass shootings this year, and that’s what’s considered “major,” according to, the statistic is that 500 people die daily from gun violence that happens due to the lack of policing.

On January 23, 2023, in Half Moon Bay, California, there was a shooting at a farm that killed seven and critically injured one other.

In Pine Bluff Arkansas on March 10, 2023, two were killed and two were injured in an argument that turned violent outside of a gas station.

There was a school shooting in Des Moines, Iowa on the 23 rd of January 2023, that killed 2
teenage students and critically injured a program runner.

How did this all happen? Because guns are so easy for people to get.

Americans can get guns within hours of deciding to, there is no background check that needs to happen when buying a gun from a private provider. Even for places that require a background check, they are most of the time brief, only checking for past criminal convictions, in a few states there is a short waiting period, but nothing more than that.

Because of this America has the highest civilian gun ownership rate, it’s proven that there’s more guns than people in the US currently according to

Fortunately, there has been some action taken to alleviate these issues. President Joe Biden signed an executive order stretching current law as much as he can to get as close as the country can get to universal background checks for prospective gun buyers.

He did this claiming he wanted to console those who lost someone as a result of this
tragedy. What the order does is ask the attorney general and other Cabinet members to push the limits of existing laws to make the gun-purchasing process as tight as possible.

But an executive order doesn’t – and can’t – do what the president wants to do to control what kinds of guns are sold and who can buy them. But, it’s a good start to try to get laws that can keep gun ownership under control, as well as the gun related crime rate.

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  1. Shaylin will grow up and realize how great the second amendment is one day. Hopefully it wont be from a traumatizing incident.

    1. Yes it’s misinterpretation, the profiteering and the propaganda have led to elementary school children getting slaughtered at their desks, peaceful people getting slaughtered in their houses of worship, drug wars eliminating large swaths of young people, more murders and suicides by firearms than any other first world nation on earth. 2A certainly is great isn’t it!

  2. most of the people you talking about cant legally own or posses a gun in their first place. so your argument is in valid. the 2nd amendment is very important. the first people to do control population is take away their ability to protect themselves. if you choose not to own one that fine but dont make those decisions for everyone. weapons need to be kept secured safely from children.

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