Treavon Lonte Jones
Treavon Lonte Jones, age 25
Treavon Lonte Jones, age 25

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – The Calvert County Sheriff’s is seeking the whereabouts of Treavon Lonte Jones, age 25. Jones is wanted for Home Invasion and Theft Less than $100.00.

Anyone with information in regards to Jones, is asked to please contact the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office at (410) 535-2800, Sgt. Phillip Foote (443) 624-7137, DFC J. Murphy (410) 474-4413 and/or DFC Chip Ward (443) 532-0603.

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  1. Not because he is black ,his race has nothing to do with my next statement . He just looks like a bomb pot of trouble waiting to explode .. He does look like a thug ,, yeah I said it !

    1. A.C. Ritchie, Can you plz explain that? What makes this man look like a “thug”?? Please, we are all waiting……

      1. Your kidding or you live under a rock.. he looks like trouble , in trouble or looking for trouble … need further .. keep waiting ,,, hee hee hee haw haw donk

        1. AC Ritchie you want to voluntarily remove the stupid from your mouth or so I need to come remove your tongue? You feel way safer behind your keyboard than you should. Sleep tight sweetie.

  2. Wow comments like that don’t even need to be said it’s either u know something or u don’t

  3. I may add, walk into a courthouse ..You can pick out who is a lawyer and whom is their for a criminal case . It’s obvious whom are the police , they wear uniforms..thugs wear uniforms as well ,,the clues are obvious ..aye rockie .. better now ..?

    1. Richie all I see is a dumb racist hick that will watch his mouth if he knows what’s best for him.

  4. No need for the nonsense commentary. 95% of all people are decent. And there are bad players in every corner of the world. Some look the part and others wear suit & tie like Marty Madoff. Unfortunately, we live in a revolving-door world of crime. It’s big business for all parties involved incl police, lawyers, judges, prisons, probation officers, rehab centers, insurance co, bondsmen, criminals, … Take one off the street, someone will be there the next day to take their place. There’s no shortage of business.

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